Experience Natural Wonder in wide open spaces. We offer packages that vary from a thrill ride down the extreme rivers of Montana to a relaxing horseback ride along mountain trails. With a Horseback tour you can see the territory the way early explorers like Lewis and Clark saw the land in their exploration. You can witness the Great Plains give way to the majestic Rocky Mountains. You can ride the ravines and breaks that were cut by once might rivers. With our rafting tours you can bask in the sun and view the natural wonder of the Mountains and Plains; then get ready for a thrill as experienced guides navigate the traitorous waters of might and raging rivers. If all of that isn't enough you can also add fishing trip options. Our guides will help you find some of the hidden holes that most locals are not even aware of.

You can plan your tour with a full day of either activity, or get the best of both worlds and split the day. This tour can be an amazing and bonding family experience as well as great option for large groups giving a variety of options for everyone.