Wild Mustangs

The Pryor Mountains wild horse range straddles the Montana and Wyoming border. Created in 1968, by order of the Secretary of the Interior, it is the first of three wild horse ranges in the nation. A herd averaging about 140 horses may be spotted in various locations across the thousands of acres of the Wild Horse Range. These wild horses are unique and believed to be descendants of the Spanish horses that were introduced to the area in the 1700's. The horses even caught the eye of the BBC for a documentary.

You will see the great stallions with long ragged manes and their harems with colts. But that is not the only wildlife in the area. There are mountain lions, bear, big horn sheep, and deer to name a few of the favorites.

This trip can include exploring an ice cave, seeing the vista at the Dryhead Overlook, and Penn's Cabin. Learn of mystical stories of Pryor Mountains as you view their grandeur. You will travel across the Crow Indian Reservation and see historical Indian and legendary mountain men sites.

This trip will get you familiar with the Jeep world. You can be part of the crew, or just relax and enjoy!


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