Jeep Tour

The name of our Hellroaring Jeep Tour comes from the mountain road used in the 1930's to mine chrome. This scenic drive to the mine runs parallel to the highest elevation road in the Northern Rockies, The Beartooth Highway. The Beartooth Mountain Range is composed of some of the oldest rocks on the planet. You'll experience a fascinating natural phenomenon, as the land transitions from lush forest to alpine tundra in just a few miles.

On this tour you will be able to use your camera to capture images of wildlife and breath taking scenic views. You will be see the highest peaks of the Beartooth Range sweep all the way to the valley floor. You will be able to mell the crisp fresh air of pine and hear the rushing waters of the mountain streams. You will also be able to see the beauty of the high mountain lakes. This adventure tout will help you experience ALL the natural wonder of the great Mountains of Montana.

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